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Criteria to Request Assistance from GCADF

To qualify for assistance from the Galveston County Adoption Day Foundation the family must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. The application for assistance and to participate in GCADF National Adoption Day event is received by August 1; AND
  2. The termination of parental rights of all parents of the subject children is/will be completed by August 1; AND
  3. The family is eligible for SSI/TANF or like form of public assistance; or
  4. The Petitioner falls at, below, or up to 200% of the federal indigency guidelines; or
  5. The child’s resources must be less than $10,000; AND
  6. The adoption shall take place in Galveston County, Texas; AND
  7. The adoptive parent/s must sign the National Adoption Day Assistance Agreement to receive assistance.

If the above minimum criteria are met the application will be presented for approval to the committee for consideration of funding the requested items.  Meeting the minimum criteria is NOT a guarantee that the requested fees and/or costs will be subsidized.